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Looking for a server to play on to get away from the pay-to-win experience? LatenightMinecrafters could be your solution. We focus on staying as vanilla as possible. Everything is done in survival from spawn to the nether hub. We have GriefPrevention to protect your builds and ChestShop to allow players to drive a free market economy. A live map is available to check out the world and chat with players while you aren't online. Our ranking system is based on play time and not how much you pay. In keeping with a vanilla style we don't offer things like /tp, /warp, /fly, /god and such. We don't ask for donations, just that people play. In the end that's all this server is meant for, a community of players. We require that you are an adult of 18 or older. This is simply to avoid possible issues with the conversations that may take place in chat. If you are interested in joining a growing community of minecrafters join our Discord and request to be whitelisted in the channel "whitelist_request".